Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday June 20th

After a long day of travel and not a full night of sleep, we were all a little reluctant to get out of bed and face the humid heat of the morning. Finally, in the morning light, the reality of where we are sunk in. We gathered for breakfast and prepared for the day ahead of us. School starts at 8, so we stood and greeted the kids and very quickly made some friendships. Some of the children were eager and fast to approach us, others looked at us warily and were shy when we talked to them. We introduced ourselves, and led them in songs such as "Hey Mon". After greeting, we led a group of two classes of 2nd graders in the story of creation, crafts, and songs. The first group was rough, but we managed. After we debriefed and devised a plan for a better experience. The second time was much improved, and we really enjoyed teaching and bonding with the kids. By then we were all tired and really looking forward to lunch. Our gracious hosts took us to a lovely Dim Sum lunch. We laughed over some of our inabilities to use chop sticks and the food was amazing. We ate a variety of buns, veggies, wraps, fried foods, and by the time we left, we were filled and happy. After we took a stroll around Butterfly Beach, a cute park/ garden around the block from the beach. We also explored a mall, which was full of colorful advertisements and nose-wrinkling smells (never take Kyle shopping, he knocks everything over, multiple times). We went to Judy's favorite dumpling place and ate pork and yellow curry dumplings and drank delicious passion fruit tea for dinner. We ended our night with devotions. We are all ready to sleep! -Jenni

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  1. Sounds like a great start!
    Oooooo DIM SUM - yum yum! Enjoy some for me Jenni! :)
    Kyle, in case you were wondering where you lost your headphones, it wasn't the airport or the plane, it was my car. Sorry you have to live without them for this trip.