Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday, June 21

Today was a very exciting and busy day in Hong Kong. Everyone got plenty of sleep so we were all ready to roll with all the things we did today. The first thing we did was pick up the students from the school, 10 students, all girls. We all had to partner up and it was interesting learning all their names, like one of the girls was named Circle. The first place we went to was the Wong Tia Sin temple and it was raining the entire time we were there. It was interesting to see all the people praying outside and shaking their sticks and other things to find out if they would have good luck or bad luck. The architecture of the temple was beautiful and very breathtaking, I know we all thought it was pretty amazing to see it. After the temple we went to Stanley market which was very westernized and I actually got to eat a western meal which was great. The market was very cool with all the little shops and cool things you could buy, Hunter bought a robe that he loves and he is wearing everywhere and it is very funny. After the market we went to The Peak, that was my favorite part of the whole day. The Peak is the highest lookout point in all of Hong Kong, it is just beautiful and breathtaking and we all took tons of pictures. After the peak we took a tram down to the bottom of the mountain which basically went straight down. Our last place we went to with the students was on a short ferry ride which we all were just kind of wiped out by then so we weren't really excited about it. Then we got back on our bus and dropped the students off back at their school and we went and ate dinner together. The highlight of dinner was definitely seeing Hunter eat the fish eye. That was basically our whole day and it was very productive, busy, and fun!   - Allen Middlebrook 


  1. I am not surprised that Hunter would be the one who is being adventurous and trying the local food! Looks like everyone is having a great time! Miss you Hunter and your truck misses you too!

  2. Dear All--So good to hear from you and praise God that all is well on your trip so far. Thanks for the updates and humor. Know that we are keeping you all in thought and prayer--for safety, good health, and that you will be effective witnesses sharing God's word through stories, songs, and crafts. Savor the journey! Mona Stroud