Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday, June 27

Today was our last day with our students at Sharon Lutheran School.  Although we all started our day exhausted, our group of enthusiastic second graders gave us the energy we needed.  After our last bible lesson, we attended Sharon Lutheran's end of the year assembly where students showcased their many talents.  We watched students dance to a Korean pop song, demonstrate Karate skills, and listened to choirs sing songs in Mandarin and Cantonese.  Our California team even joined in on the fun! Sarah played a song on the piano, Kyle played a song on a saxophone, and we sang two of our favorite songs from our bible lessons, "Praise the Lord" and "This Little Light of Mine".  After the assembly, we had a wonderful farewell lunch with the staff of Sharon Lutheran.  Today was Judy's birthday, so we sang to her and ate mango cake in her honor. In the afternoon, we spent some time shopping around the Ladies Market.  We loved the opportunity to shop for souvenirs and haggle with local vendors.  After a short rest, we had dinner with Judy and Pastor Albert at our group's favorite restaurant: Shanghai Po Po.  Our last devotion with Judy was a time to reflect on our experiences in Hong Kong, and a time to refocus our energy for the coming days in Foshan.  Judy gave us a cross ornament for is to remember her by and a reminder to pray for all our missionaries.

If we are not able to update the blog in the next few days, it will be due to the internet restrictions by the Chinese government. Please keep us in your prayers for our safe travels and know that we are missing you all at home.

Our 2nd grade class for the day

The group with some teachers from Sharon Lutheran School.  They gave us a cross as a thank you gift.

Our fearless leader, Judy Newhouse and Pastor Albert.

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